About Us

Custom garment manufacturing since 1979, Greno sustains high quality production through superior workmanship and pattern work. Our experienced merchandising teams offer the best in quality service to ensure that our clients receive the solutions that meet their specific needs. We work closely with our customers to envision the final products while providing professional advice into accomplishing that goal. Because we are the manufacturer, this allows our clients to communicate production needs directly and buy at factory prices. Most of Greno's customers today are through referrals. Our reputation is built upon customer word-of-mouth. Holding strict and high quality standards while offering flexible production quantities is our promise to our customers. 

Our Vision

Our vision as greno clothing is always to realize high quality product, reasonable price and on time delivery together.

Our Goal

As Greno Giyim, our mission is to always respond to your requests promptly by sending Quality, Timely and Full pieces to our customers.